Realtek sound card cause of problem?

  [DELETED] 17:19 10 Jan 2006

My computer has a habit of freezing or crashing, this often happens when processing a sound file on Audio Cleaning Lab, could this be related to the sound card (Realtek AC97)? What difference do the acceleration settings make?

  eedcam 18:45 10 Jan 2006

Hi I have the same card and use an editing programme much more complex than audio cleaning labwith no probs. However if you rush things that may give you problems dont think its your card.Mine is set at max acceleration and quality you could try lowering the quality (sample rate) see if it helps.Not sure but dont think these affect much with what you are doing,Like I said earlier I sample at 32bit with no probs

  Stuartli 19:19 10 Jan 2006

AC97 is onboard sound, not a true sound card.

Realtek is one of the better marques for this type of product. Might be worth downloading the latest drivers:

click here

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