Realtek onBoard sound problem

  Smigga 17:22 14 Dec 2005

Please can somebody help!! i was having major problems with my usb ports so i gave it to a technition who gladly fixed it, but in the procces he left my pc with no sound?. At first i thought not a problem cant be that hard to sort and to my horror 1 week on i still cant figure it out!! iv been in my bios and the sip onboard sound is enabled, iv then looked at all the sound settings and none of it is muted. so then i clicked on the conection part of my realtec sound setup and it says speakers attatched correctly. No matter what i do i just cant find the correct thing to get my sound back. PLEASE PLEASE somebody help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 14 Dec 2005

Sound setup
click here

  wobblymike 17:40 14 Dec 2005

could it be as simple as audio cable between cd and mobo missing

  Smigga 22:53 14 Dec 2005

Guys im sorry im not that technical, all i know is that my ac97 drivers are installed my speakers are connected to the green port in the back of the pc, and the speakers are deffo working as i get a static noise as im putting them into the green connection. But i theink its the realtek setup screen i must be doing something wrong in there

  Smigga 22:58 14 Dec 2005

sorry i ment the audio configuration screen

  Totally-braindead 23:02 14 Dec 2005

First thing, double check that the drivers are installed with no exclamation marks, goto Control Panel then System then Hardware then Device Manager and check that everything reads ok. If it does then try reinstalling your sound drivers from your motherboard disk and see what happens.

  Smigga 23:11 14 Dec 2005

Ok i checked all the devices and they are fine (no exclamtion marks) i then removed the ac97 drivers and placed my motherboard disk into the pc and re installed the audio drivers again, but still nothing? i pressed connecter sencing and it tells me the speakers are there, also i have looked at all the volume options and none of them are muted? i will say one thing though, on the pc speaker volume it is faded and wont let me move it?

  Smigga 23:15 14 Dec 2005

on my line out connector it says power speaker? should i choose the headphone / passive speakers?

  Totally-braindead 23:15 14 Dec 2005

Now there was someone else with this last week and I think it was solved but I can't remember how, the faded out volume control reminds me of it as his/hers was the same. Anyone on the Forum remember the post and the solution?

  Totally-braindead 23:16 14 Dec 2005

The speakers connect into the green socket as far as I know it doesn't matter what the line out is as its not in use.

  Smigga 23:19 14 Dec 2005

this is probably nothing but on the configuration screen it gives me an option to look at s/pdif-in and on that tab i cant do anything? it says status unlock then sample rating has nothing in there and date validation has nothing in the box? does that mean anythink or am i a complete novice lol

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