Realtek nic

  faulties 16:39 27 Dec 2004

I have a Win/XP computer that I'm trying to connect to a WinME comp. The XP comp has an onboard Realtek nic and the ME has a 3Com Etherlink PCI nic. They won't work!

I've had them linked together in the past but have upgraded the motherboard and operating system on the XP computer.

The XP comp just says that the Realtek nic has limited or no connectivity status.

Does anyone know what I've done wrong and how to correct it please?


  Jeffers22 16:51 27 Dec 2004

Sounds a bit like the drivers did not install properly. Remove it (from Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Reboot the machine and XP should detect it and reinstall the drivers.

Other posibility is tcp/ip did not install properly,. The same process should see it reinstalled.

  faulties 17:23 27 Dec 2004

Same result.

When I go to the status window the support tab offers to repair the connection by renewing the IP address but Windows then says it can't renew it.

I may still have the NIC card I used previously, maybe I'll try installing that if there's a spare PCI slot.

  faulties 21:37 28 Dec 2004

So I've put the old NIC in and now I get a message on both saying "A network cable is unplugged".

When I go into device manager it says they are both working ok.

I've uninstalled both cards, Windows reinstalled them, I've installed the drivers from the motherboard and the floppy (that came with the old one), I've switched things around so that the card is in a different PCI slot all to no availe.

Any more ideas please?

  faulties 21:52 29 Dec 2004

I have 2 hard drives (in cradles) that I use on the internet enabled computer.

The 2nd. hard drive, which uses WinME, has registered the old NIC and seems to work ok (other than the fact that I can't get Windows networking to work), I will install a proxy server if neccessary but I would like to use the WinXP hard drive if possible.

Any answers please?

Why does XP drive say that "A network cable is unplugged" when the ME drive sees one of them as working fine?


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