realtek driver problem

  mad1234 19:56 17 Sep 2006

OK guys i have yet another problem for you to solve
basically i want to update the driver for my realtek audio device but i can't seem to findout the type of sound drivers i need. can someone please tell me where to find them.
much appreciated

  Rtus 20:00 17 Sep 2006

Are we talking about modem sound or motherboard AC97 type

  Devil Fish 20:01 17 Sep 2006

onboard realtek AC97 Audio drivers from

click here

  mad1234 20:27 17 Sep 2006

motherboard sound but i don't know if it's ac97 or something else
it's for a medion laptop if that helps

  Stuartli 20:47 17 Sep 2006

Realtek produces AC97 onboard sound chipsets amongst other products.

It claims to have gained 65 per cent of the world market share for audio codecs in 2005.

You need to discover the actual Realtek chipset model involved for your laptop (my MSI KT6V motherboard, for instance, uses the ALC650/655).

Medion doesn't actually make laptops (or anything else), it's a rebadger and distributor of the products it offers. Amongst those who have produced models for it are Mitac and Asus.

If you go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information>highlight System, your motherboard and model should be listed alongside System Manufacturer and System Model.

Looking up the board's specifications should indicate which Realtek onboard chipset is involved - you can then download it from the Realtek website (see Devil Fish's link above, which is the same page as I use, although you might just have to look elsewhere on the site).

  Rtus 20:48 17 Sep 2006

Its model Number would be on the underside.

  Devil Fish 20:52 17 Sep 2006

for xp right click my computer click properties select hardware tab then device manager

look down the list for sound video and game controllers expand by clicking the cross

5th one down should read realtek ac97 audio

if this is the case use the link i provided in previous post and download and install the driver

  mad1234 20:58 17 Sep 2006

it says manufacturer as notebook & models no is mim2120 but i still can't find realtak info

  mad1234 21:09 17 Sep 2006

it just says realtek high definition video & yes i am using xp

  Stuartli 21:41 17 Sep 2006


click here

Trieber = driver.

Or try the Support and Downloads page at:

click here

  Stuartli 21:44 17 Sep 2006

The HD codecs are comparatively recent. Information on the latest versions at:

click here

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