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realtek detecting headphones as speakers

  Alex 14:39 08 Jan 2019

I have a problem with detecting headphones.When i connect headphones it detected as speakers (rear panel) I tryed many times but i can't change this detection as headphones.I dowloaded last version of drivers from offical site my motherboard(by the way Z170pro). But on the rear panel i did detection for hdaudio 2ndoutput(headphones) when i choose playback devices two different audio streams(from setting of program realltek) So many times i tryed to adjust in setting in otherways but it didn't helps me.So i have detecting my headphones as speakers.Any suggest pls.

  wiganken2 15:07 08 Jan 2019

Is there a separate socket for headphones? Perhaps at the front? If so try that one.

  Alex 15:31 08 Jan 2019

No only green and pink

  wee eddie 15:34 08 Jan 2019

Tell un what Headphones they are. Make and Model Number. Then we can stop guessing

  Alex 15:46 08 Jan 2019

hyper-x cloud

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