RealPlayer pop-up speeds PC display

  stlucia 09:06 29 May 2003

More a puzzle than a real problem:-

Athlon 600Mhz, 256mb RAM, Riva TNT2 M64 video card.

I have RealPlayer on my machine, not because I want it per se, but because it came with, and is necessary for, some other software. From time to time it pops up to check if I want to go onto the web to update it. I always cancel that.

But one thing I've noticed is that, after RealPlayer has popped up and been cancelled, the Spider Solitaire game deals the cards much more quickly -- about one second compared with the usual four seconds. This increased speed only lasts until I restart the computer.

I have tried starting RealPlayer itself, and then closing it. But this does not affect the speed. Anybody any ideas what's going on, please?

I would say that I use my PC for video download and editing without any problem.

  jazzypop 10:17 29 May 2003

This is pure speculation, as I refuse to let Real Player anywhere near my PCs ....

If there is a background timer / process that is counting down until the next interval that Real has decided to show the 'Update now?' popup, that can be stealing your CPU cycles.

Alternatively, Real may be loading a background program, ready to 'spring into action' when you click one of the Real icons, that is impairing the performance of your graphics card drivers.

To test, go to start > run, type 'msconfig' (without quotes), click the Startup tab and untick anything associated with Real.

Restart, see if that helps.

Incidentally, there is a free alternative to Real Player that is not nearly so intrusive. See click here

  stlucia 11:08 29 May 2003

Your speculation sounds reasonable! I'll go into MSCONFIG tonight, and report back.

  stlucia 09:39 30 May 2003

Right, I've been into MSCONFIG and deleted programs one by one to see which would have an effect. I deleted about six programs, one of which was a RealPlayer one (RealPlay.exe SYSTEMBOOTHIDEPLAYER), and some of the others were reminder-type programs. But none of them made any difference to the speed at which Spider Solitaire deals the cards!

Some of the programs were listed twice, and a couple (Vshwin32EXE and EnsoniqMixer) both reinstate themselves into the startup list after I've deleted them. The first one is to do with McAfee VirusScan, but I don't know what the other is -- it just references startup.exe without giving any path details.

So, now I'm now left with 9 programs in the startup list, 4 of which are to do with VirusScan, 1 of which is AdaptecDirectCD, and the others are ScanRegistry, TaskMonitor, SystemTray, and EnsoniqMixer. Are there any of these which I MUST NOT

  stlucia 09:42 30 May 2003

Sorry, the system sent the message before I'd finished ...

Are there any of these which I MUST NOT delete from the startup list, or can I just continue deleting? For instance, I presume I musn't delete anything to do with VirusScan otherwise I'll be left without protection, but what about ScanRegistry, TaskMonitor, and SystemTray?

  Peverelli 16:00 30 May 2003

Which version of windows are you using?

click here gives helpful advice regarding startup progs, although the site appears to be down at the moment.

You can also try: click here

  stlucia 16:23 30 May 2003

Win 98SE.

I've got through to your first link: It shows there's a few more "Not required" and "User choice" programs that I can safely delete. I'll do it over the weekend.

But I still haven't hit upon the reason why Spider Solitaire (the card game that comes with Windows) speeded up whenever I cancelled the RealPlayer pop-up ...

  Confab 16:27 30 May 2003

Press Ctrl Ald Del and note which apps are running then cancel your pop up and press Ctrl Alt Del again and see if any less apps are running.

Let us know what thay are if any.

  stlucia 16:29 30 May 2003

Will do, but I can't get back until Monday with the result.

  canard 18:14 30 May 2003

AdaptecDirectCD, and the others are ScanRegistry, TaskMonitor, SystemTray, and EnsoniqMixer. Are there any of these which I MUST NOT delete?
You may delete AdaptadecDirectCD but NOT the others.
Real player is perfectly OK provided you keep it under control. You certainly don't want it in your start up list. Check the preferences ruthlessly for hogging your sound files and reporting back to HQ.

  stlucia 09:08 02 Jun 2003

link said I could or should. So I'm left with about five programs at startup -- Explorer, Starter, Vsstat, Vshwin32, and EpsonSmartPanel (it reinstated itself after I deleted it, and is needed so that I can launch my scanner from another application); but no improvement to my graphics.

Ctrl-Alt-Del confirms that the same programs are running -- no more, no less.

So back to the real puzzle, what could be interfering with the Spider Solitaire graphics?

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