Realplayer installation problem

  hallgreen 11:44 31 Aug 2008

I'm trying to install Realplayer to listen to a BBC local radio programme (that will have gone by tomorrow!). I can't get it to install. I've had helpful suggestions about alternative players which I've downloaded but I don't have the technical knowledge to get them to play the clips. Therefore I do need (at least for now!) to use the much derided Realplayer.

Everytime I try to download it whether from an Old CD, the BBC link or it stops during installation (at 31% complete on BBC site, 64% on Realplayer site)and just sits there for ever. You can't even stop it you have to turn off the computer.

I did have it on my computer before a virsus problem last week. Since then it hasn't worked so I've uninstalled everything (I think!) but the re-install just will not happen. I've disabled Norton security in case that was an issue but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much

  ened 12:38 31 Aug 2008

I don't have realplayer installed but all BBC programmes play on my machine in IE.

Are you sure you have it right?

  hallgreen 12:48 31 Aug 2008

Thanks. I can get national radio, national Tv etc but local radio doesn't yet have the new BBC iPlayer and doesn't seem to work (well not for me anyway!)

  tullie 12:49 31 Aug 2008

Quite right ened,the BBC has its own player,you dont need Real Player.

  brundle 14:23 31 Aug 2008

click here

RP is still used for some programmes but I did entirely forget that the IPlayer based stuff only requires Flash. Apologies for any confusion.

click here

Flash Player click here

  rawprawn 14:31 31 Aug 2008

Try downloading the old Real Player V10.5 from here. I have had problems with the new one.

click here

  hallgreen 14:50 31 Aug 2008

I've tried version 6, 10.5 and the latest one and sadly they all do the same thing.

  rawprawn 15:41 31 Aug 2008

Try running CCleaner in your registry, and then run the cleaner, then try again.
click here

  hallgreen 17:02 31 Aug 2008

Tried CC cleaner sadly still no use. You can see why people throw their computers out of the window! As you can see I know nothing about them but I'm sure if someone was here who did they could look and in 2 mins say "that's the problem". Whereas I've spend 2 days just trying to download realplayer to hear about 10 mins of a programme!

I'm still hopeful for a miraculous solution but as the programme will disappear forever tomorrow morning I've probably wasted 48 hours. Just shows I should have listened to it live!!

Anyway thanks for the replies. Anymore gratefully accepted.

  rawprawn 17:33 31 Aug 2008

What Firewall and Antivirus are you using?
Turn them off and try again.
Or download Real Player, and then try installing in Safe Mode.

  rawprawn 17:35 31 Aug 2008

click here for some guidance

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