RealPlayer (again)

  pj123 11:08 24 Jul 2003

Please read my previous thread first, at click here

My Broadband connection went down about five days ago so in the meantime I used my AOL backup dialup connection. I tried the RealPlayer (just to see) and guess what it works perfectly on dialup. I am now back on BB and RealPlayer gives "this programme has performed an illegal operaton and will close down" error message. So it looks as if BB is causing the problem. Maybe it only works at 56k and not 600k??

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:20 24 Jul 2003

pj123 I'm on BB and RealOne Player runs OK.

Is this the same as your RealPlayer?

  pj123 13:27 24 Jul 2003

Wes Tam ;-) Yes. That's the one. If I try to open RealOnePlayer from my Desktop I get "This programme has performed an illegal operation and will close down" I have uninstalled it and have just downloaded RealPlayer 8. But when I try to set it up I get "Runtime error". So looks like my computer (and me) doesn't like Real Player in any form. The problem is the tracks I am trying to listen to will only work with Real player. I have to ask a friend to listen, and save them to CD for me. Not a good scene. I have emailed so many times asking for help, but all I get back is a standard troubleshooting guide. I have done everything they say but it still doesn't work. It works perfectly on my dialup connection though and, I suppose, as I am listening in "real" time the time spent online should be the same.

  Wes Tam ;-) 13:49 24 Jul 2003

pj123 On their Customer Support site I found: "On some computers, you may receive a system error or freeze when installing RealOne Player. These errors are also known as illegal operation errors, invalid page fault errors, or failed to create errors. They are caused by problems in the operating environment on the computer, problems creating temporary files, not enough hard disk space, or other software interfering with the installation.

Solutions include the following:

- Verifying you have permission to write to the Windows Temp folder and the Windows system folders
- Emptying the TEMP folder's contents
- Freeing hard disk space
- Verifying that RealOne Player's internal installation files are not read-only
- Closing background programs
- Redownloading the installer file
- Removing old versions of RealPlayer

You'll find more at:
click here

  Wes Tam ;-) 13:57 24 Jul 2003

pj123 I also seem to remember that when I downloaded R1P it asked me for the connection type, ie BB or dialup etc.

I've looked in Tools but now can't find where this option is.

Was this the same with you?

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:05 24 Jul 2003

It's under Tools>Preferences>highlight Connections.

Would that have a bearing on your problem?

  pj123 15:05 24 Jul 2003

Wes Tam ;-) Yes that was the standard reply I got and I checked all of them out. I have an 80gb hard drive with something like 54gb space available. All my Temp folders are empty, my cookies have been deleted and my Temporary Internet Files folder has been deleted. What I don't understand is why it works perfectly using a dialup connection (AOL) but not when I use my Broadband connection. I did get the option of setting 'dialup' or 'broadband' the broadband speed did not include 600k (which is what I have) so I picked 512k. I will look at Tools, Preferences, Connections. Thank you for your time.

  pj123 15:53 24 Jul 2003

Wes Tam ;-) I just done a re-install of RealOne Player. I checked out your suggestion of Tools Preferences Connections. Made no difference. Still get the same error message on broadband but works perfectly on AOL Dialup?
Haved emailed again. Awaiting a response but still got the same problem. Looks like I will have to stay on AOL to use RealOne Player but use BB for all other uses.

  pj123 10:17 25 Jul 2003

I have just received a 6 page email from Real detailing things to do to overcome the problem. Snag is, I have done all that has been suggested. Still no joy on Broadband. Real did not give any indication why it works on dialup but not Broadband. Think I will have to live with it and use AOL. Thanks for all your responses. Let's leave it now, because if I keep trying and get nowhere the computer is likely to go out the window.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:22 25 Jul 2003

pj123 my commiserations.

It's frightening to think that these machines have a 'mind of their own'.

(Glad I won't be around in about 50 years time when it'll probably be the machines complaining that we're not working properly!)

  hoverman 10:32 25 Jul 2003

I am with BT Broadband and RealOne Player runs with no problems. Must admit that your experiences have me baffled also.

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