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RealOne has hijacked my audio

  Trikie 15:34 14 Sep 2003

I downloaded RealOne so as to be able to play BBC programmes.

Now when I put an audio CD in I get RealOne up. Trouble is its format is .rmj, and when i try to use Nero 5.0 to burn selected tracks nero does not recognise .rmj.

I have the Audio Converter program but this does not include .rmj.

How can I get back to XP's audio?

  mikef. 15:48 14 Sep 2003

Open up Real player/ Tools /Preferences/ Content/ Media player and take the ticks out of the relevant boxes.

I would then go to media player and make sure that it is then selected to play your CD's.

  howard60 15:49 14 Sep 2003

when you loaded real one it asked if it could be the default handler you should have taken the tick out of the audio cd box. you need to find associations and then clear real one from the audio. I will look it up.

  Trikie 16:30 14 Sep 2003

Thanks mikef- I think I've done it.

paperman27 - as a new computer user I have been warned off AOL in no uncertain terms but Freeserve and RealOne I hadn't heard about. If I get rid if Realone what else can I use for the BBC replays?

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