A really useful bit of kit

  phono 21:38 23 Mar 2006

Apologies for this long winded post but I think this is well worth sharing.

Have a look at click here I got one of these a couple of months ago and installed it in my PC, it was/is only 19.95 euros after all.

I didn't give it much thought but I always did a "save" when I made any big software or hardware changes. A couple of nights ago my PC crashed and it got stuck in a loop whereby it ran a disk check at every boot but would not complete the disk check, Diskeeper then kept complaining that the drive was scheduled for a check to be carried out and so could not run.

My initial thought was that the drive was "flagged as dirty" in the pagefile so if it was deleted the problem would be solved, I tried this, using the recommended MS method but no good.

I then booted BartPE and ran chkdsk from there, it ran to completion but the problem still persisted, sfc /scannow and other remedies were tried, I was just about to do a complete reinstall of windows when I remembered my little friend I had installed a couple of months ago and had since forgotten, I rebooted and hit the F9 key, literally within seconds my PC rebooted and was back to normal.

Not only was it back to normal but unwanted files I had deleted were back there as well, I don't know how it does it as it does not appear to impact on disk space but the WatchIT WX sure saved me a lot of hassle. There are USB and NIC versions available as well, I don't work for the company but I just feel it is a great piece of kit and should be considered by all.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:47 23 Mar 2006

I seem to remember a previous thread of yours was deleted because you were promoting a product for sale.

  SG Atlantis® 21:51 23 Mar 2006

Have to admit it does sound like an advert, one of them cheesy TV shopping channel ones.

  skidzy 21:55 23 Mar 2006

This looks a decent tool to have as an emergency back up.

I can remember having a looping system,and after many calls to the £1.00 a minute helplines i got nowhere and had to do a system recovery.
So if this helps some....good luck to them.

  keewaa 22:09 23 Mar 2006

The fact that it is so cheap makes me suspicious, and I haven't seen anything about it in the mags. If anyone sees any write ups about it, post a link.

  ed-0 22:15 23 Mar 2006

From PC Welt a sister mag to PC Advisor. click here

  ACOLYTE 22:21 23 Mar 2006

Use this No worries) click here

  phono 22:47 23 Mar 2006

I take great exception to that last comment of yours, I would like to know what thread I have had deleted for trying to sell something in the past, refresh my memory please if you will.

I thought this was supposed to be a help forum, I simply put across my own findings on this product only to be lambasted by several so called contributors.

  phono 22:52 23 Mar 2006

I thought you had more sense.

  ACOLYTE 23:00 23 Mar 2006

Forgive me if my post upset you it wasnt meant to,i was just linking a news article i thought was good,it was no way intended to be little your posting.

  phono 00:20 24 Mar 2006

Sorry ACOLYTE, i guess I am just a bit touchy after some of the postings in answer to an innocent post about a piece of hardware I thought was extremely useful and also good value.

Others seem to imply that I will profit in some way from my posting, I am deeply offended by such implications, I am still awaiting a reply from Mr Mistoffelees who seems to think I had a previous thread deleted for trying to sell something on these very forums, I have never tried to sell anything on this, or any other forum, I await his reply with bated breath.

SG Atlantis® was equally dismissive about my posting, I am willing to stand by any comments that I have made about my own experience of this particular piece of hardware, I can only think that this negativity stems from total ignorance or downright stupidity, I hope the Forum Editor is monitoring this particular thread as I feel personally aggrieved.

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