Really slow PC after reset (lenovo G50-45)

  PCAdvisorLord 13:38 01 Nov 2016

Hello I am new here not sure how things work here but i am hoping someone here could help me fix my problem. I have a few computers and mainly use this one (lenovo G50-45 with Belgian French keyboard). Yesterday I did a reset of the PC and it seems it only made it worse. Google chrome keeps freezing and crashing, everything else i use is really laggy and i don't know what is causing this problem...

If someone could tell me where the problem is coming from and how i can fix it i would really appreciate it. Cheers

  stavros3000 15:46 01 Nov 2016


When you say reset do you mean you have reinstalled windows? When using the machine are any of your system resources spiking? Within event viewer are you getting any error logs?



  Forum Editor 17:50 01 Nov 2016

Presumably you mean that you restored your computer to its factory defaults?

Which version of Windows is running?

What other software have you installed that is "really laggy"?

Which anti-virus software, and is it up to date?

Have you tried a different browser, and if so, does it also freeze and crash?

There are all kinds of possible causes, and to help you further we'll need quite a bit more information.

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