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Really need help here. File recovery question.

  Saga82 20:23 15 Apr 2017

Hello, here's my situation. I had to upgrade my pc from vista to windows 10. Before I did that I backed up my files to a USB thumb drive that was formatted to FAT32.Are these files forever lost or is there any way to recover them? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, The guy in the dog house.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:50 15 Apr 2017

Don't write to the drive!

put in in a USb slot and see if the free version of Recuva will find your files

  difarn 22:01 15 Apr 2017

Have you tried backing up the data on your thumb drive to a pc it can be read on, then reformatting the thumb drive using Windows 10, after which migrate the data back onto the thumb drive?

When you upgraded to windows 10 did you upgrade your usb drivers?

  Saga82 22:11 15 Apr 2017

I've already moved the files over to the USB. See I didn't remember I formatted the USB to fat32 months ago, so the damage is done. The usb drive states that it has 5.2GB of data on it which I hope are my videos and pictures but when I open the folders they're completely empty. I haven't tried moving my files to a pc that could read those files because I don't have a pc I could do that with.

  difarn 22:16 15 Apr 2017

Isn't there anyone you know who would allow you access to a pc with a previous operating system to Windows 10 to try to see if that would work?

Have you checked to see that your usb drivers have been updated following your upgrade?

If none of this works then you could try Fruit Bat's suggesting of trying Recuva free to recover the files.

  Saga82 22:18 15 Apr 2017

Downloading Recuva now. Also a correction. My usb is reading that it had 5.52 GB of 8 free. Crossing my fingers here. Thanks for your suggestions.

  Saga82 22:23 15 Apr 2017

difarn, unfortunately no. I have asked a few friends & family but to no avail. I'm on my own with this one.

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