really fast ethernet card?

  shaneoneill 13:59 25 Jan 2010


Can anyone recommend a good high speed ethernet card. I have 30mb boadband here but am only getting 10mb download spped on the PC. Apparently a better card will help? The Macbook can give me close to 30mb over wireless.


  mgmcc 14:20 25 Jan 2010

Are you talking about a "Wireless Network Adapter" or a "wired" ethernet card in the PC?

A "wired" ethernet card should be transferring data between computer and router at 100Mbps, so that wouldn't restrict the speed of your 30Mbps broadband.

An 802.11g Wireless Network Adapter has a nominal speed of 54Mbps but in practice is likely to be closer to 30Mbps. This could limit broadband performance, but shouldn't reduce it to only 10Mbps. With an 802.11n router and 802.11n adapter, you should have a wireless connection speed, depending on hardware, of 150Mbps or 300Mbps. Is the Mac perhaps running an 802.11n wireless connection?

  shaneoneill 19:36 25 Jan 2010

Hi Mg,

I was talking wired ethernet card. The Mac is wireless and still faster.

What, typically, retricts speed between PC's?


  mgmcc 22:19 25 Jan 2010

Have a look at the Properties of your PC's ethernet card in Device Manager, Advanced Settings, and check that the speed is set to Auto or 100Mbps, not 10Mbps.

I assume the figures you're quoting are those of your *internet* downloads, and not the *port* speed of communications between computer and router?

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