Really Confusing Windows XP Licenses

  Gaz W 00:41 02 Jun 2003

I am still confused about Windows XP and these daft licenses.

What I understand so far is that there is an OEM and a retail version of Windows XP Professional. Both of these require activation and come with licenses.

There is a version of XP Pro called Corporate Edition, which does not require activation, but if it isn't genuine it won't let you install SP1 (like all of them).

I have looked into buying a copy on Ebay, but am still unsure about that. Also, if the genuine XP machine is then set up on a Windows 2000 Server to allow it to connect to the Internet to activate, will Microsoft be able to detect this through their website?

I also know that you can buy a license to make a pirate XP copy genuine - does this work with XP Pro Corporate Edition? Is the license any different to XP Pro? The operating system is exactly the same except activation as far as I know.

By the way, the 2000 Server is installed for private home use and is mainly for educational purposes (so I could learn how it works), so I see nothing wrong with that, especially now it's obsolete.

Sorry to keep posting threads about XP and licensing, etc, but I am really not sure what the situation is with all these stupid licenses, and would like to sort it out so that I know exactly what I have to do.

  Despicable Desperado 00:50 02 Jun 2003

The corporate version of XP is legal if you are a corporation and can afford to pay for the number of licences you require. These may come in 25 or 50 or 100 user. If you are a home user or a small organisation then you will not be able to afford a corporate version of Windows XP. The only way you will be able to get hold of one is illegal!! YOu are correct in your statement that XP Corporate edition does not require activation but if you are thinking of buying fron ebay it should cost you several hundred if not several thousands of pounds.

  DieSse 00:54 02 Jun 2003

All laid out here click here

  Gaz W 01:13 02 Jun 2003

So I think I have established what I need to do for Windows XP - I will need to buy a copy of Windows XP, then get an additional license.

However, do I need to get a client license for 2000 Server, or should I just keep quiet about that considering the situation mentioned above?

  Despicable Desperado 01:29 02 Jun 2003

If you are running 200 Server you need two things - Client licences for the number of clients you will have on the server and a licence for each Windows workstation - if you want to remain legal!!

  Gaz W 01:46 02 Jun 2003

Except that 2k Server itself doesn't have a license!

  -pops- 06:50 02 Jun 2003

For a definitive answer, ask Microsoft. They are the only ones who can advise on this. Ensure you get a written response.

  Gaz W 07:34 02 Jun 2003

I will probably do that, but I don't really like the idea of contacting Microsoft and telling them I am using Windows 2000 Server, that costs £600, for free!

One more question - are the client licenses per computer or per user? Might sound daft, but I will probably ask Microsoft anyway.

Thanks all of you for your help,


  -pops- 08:22 02 Jun 2003

I don't think there's a viable alternative to contacting M$. Any opinion you get here will be exactly that - an opinion. Only M$ can give a definitive answer - that's why I recommend getting any reply in writing - so that they cannot wheedle out of any response they give. Not that I'm suggesting for one moment that they would do but, other companies have been known to do that.


  Gaz W 11:41 03 Jun 2003

OK, thanks for your help. I will contact M$ as soon as possible.


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