A really bad hijack this log

  Josquius 11:15 08 Feb 2005

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This computer is really badly infected, so much so that I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for and so what to delete. Can anyone help with what I've got to kill here?

  CurlyWhirly 11:42 08 Feb 2005

I would wait for an expert like Nellie2, as if you don't know what you are doing, then you could end up with an unbootable PC.

  gudgulf 12:06 08 Feb 2005

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This log looks identical to the one you have posted...is that also yours?Also found this when looking up some of the things I didn't recognise in the scan you posted click here

Is this also yours?.

Messenger plus installs lop adware/spyware.Have you tried running any anti malware scanners such as Adaware or a2 or Spybot S&D yet? Perhaps you can give us some details of the actual symptoms your pc displays then people can advise you further.

  Josquius 13:09 08 Feb 2005

The Josquius one is mine though it is on a totally different computer (this log is not off mine, its off my sisters).
Its strange how they are similar.

The computer is on windows me and I have just ran adaware finding 400 or so nastys. It seems she had been on the internet without any sort of firewall. I have put zone alarm on it now though the computer seems rather messed up.

  gudgulf 13:22 08 Feb 2005

I would also run Spybot s&d and a2 as these will both pick up malware that the others miss and do an on#line av scan with Trendmicro click here
. Download and run Ccleaner click here. which will clear out all the temp file directories and a lot of junk files.Running scandisc and defragmenting the hard drive would be a good idea after this.

Encourage her to do without messenger plus and then we could really do with seeing a new Hijack this log as the original one is rather old.

  swapper 13:31 08 Feb 2005

CurlyWhirly, I thought Nellie2 had taken a break from PCA?

  Andsome 14:10 08 Feb 2005

If you visit this other website, Nellie 2 is online every day, so are sever more Hijack this experts. The beauty is that on this site you can post the whole hijack scan in one, you do not need to split it as you do on her.

click here

  CurlyWhirly 01:17 09 Feb 2005

CurlyWhirly, I thought Nellie2 had taken a break from PCA?

I dunno, I thought I saw one of her HJT response posts on PCA the other day!

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