Is Real-Time Protection REALLY Necessary?

  sPiKe25 20:34 02 Nov 2006

Hi, i need to know, is a real time virus scanner REALLY needed? i use trend micro pc-cillin internet security, and the speed decrease on my PC is very noticeable. is a real time scanner necessary, or should i just scan my system say, once a week?

  squillary 20:37 02 Nov 2006

Presumably you want to stop things downloading in the first place, not try to remove them once they've integrated themselves into your setup.

That's a pretty decent reason to have a real-time scanner...

  rdave13 20:41 02 Nov 2006

I use comodo firewall, Avast! av, Windows defender and spywareblaster.

Manually scan (when I remember) with:
superantispyware, adaware(lavasoft), a-squared, AVG/S formerly Ewido and CW shredder.
AOL has a running antispyware in the background but seems as efficient as Defender. Mke of that as you will..:)

  Jak_1 20:41 02 Nov 2006

Not having a real time virus scanner whilst surfing is like going about naked! Try AVG free, it doesn't slow my system down.

click here

  rdave13 20:42 02 Nov 2006

Mke= make.

  FatboySlim71 22:17 02 Nov 2006

Yeah, you definately need to have a real time virus scanner, else otherwise the virus could cause all kinds of havoc on your pc until such a time that you manually scanned with you anti virus program.

  FatboySlim71 22:23 02 Nov 2006

You won't go far wrong with either Avast of AVG, they are both good, like any other anti virus program it needs to be kept up to date and for this reason I use Avast as it automatically updates itself when you go online, I think you can get AVG to do the same but I find that Avast is more user friendly IMO, also when it has done this you will here a voice saying "your virus database has been updated"

  Ashrich 23:05 02 Nov 2006

Rdave13 , what on earth do you access on the Internet to need all that lot , you must think the world has got it in for you .....I use Nod32 Antivirus ( the best ! ) Spyware Doctor , and surf with Firefox 2.0 or Opera 9 and never find hardly anything , just a few cookies on any scan .


  rdave13 23:20 02 Nov 2006

Sigh. If it was only me using the 'net then no probs. Having a very curious sixteen year old lad surfing, well what do you think.
Been through the disciplinarian threats, caught him out a few times visiting..err..graphic sites, shall we call them, and caught some venereal diseases from these experiences!
So I still feel I need these programs, just in case he slips into temptation again. The last threat that I would dis communicate him, permanently, from even sitting near a PC in this house again seems to have worked.
Fingers always crossed.

  sPiKe25 21:38 03 Nov 2006

Hi, just a quick note to say that i've decided to get rid of the Trend Micro trial, i wasnt planning on buying it anyway, so i've just went and downloaded a beta version of Windows Live OneCare, it doesnt slow my PC down dramatically, and i've got it for 6 months free, so thanks everyone for their advice.

  sPiKe25 20:00 13 Nov 2006

Hi, decided that One-Care was a complete pain, so i just went back to my trusty Avast! AV. Thanks to all who replied.


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