Real time protection

  charlton200 20:33 25 Jan 2010

How many programs is it safe to run with realtime protection like: spybot, ad-aware and spyware terminator?
Do they conflict with each other or make the computer run slow?

Thank you.

  charlton200 08:39 26 Jan 2010

If it's only one that I should run which one should it be, please?

  JohnWilliams 09:59 26 Jan 2010

Only use one. I don't bother with real time protection other than AVG antivirus.

  birdface 10:06 26 Jan 2010

I use the Pay for version of A squared Anti-Malware and AVG I believe both have full time protection but I could be wrong.
On my old computer I used to get conflicts with them maybe because I had not configured them properly to run with each other.
But on my new Tower I have no problem with them using Windows7.

  birdface 10:13 26 Jan 2010

I would say you do need something with full time protection for when you are saves you from getting hit with downloaders if you open a bad site.
I use both WOT and Link Scanner to warn me of bad sites which helps.But a few of the good sites that I have opened is when I have been attacked and that is where the full time protection kicks in and stops it.
I would say probably One Anti-Virus and One Anti-spyware program with full time protection should be fine.

  JohnWilliams 11:43 26 Jan 2010

Or a combined antivirus and antispyware program such as AVG free. There's no need for anything else apart from one or two "on demand" scanners such as spybot and malwarebytes anti-malware.

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