Real Problems, With RAM again

  User-312386 17:26 15 Jul 2004

Hi all since my problems yesterday click here i decided to go and get another stcik of 512mb ram

did so and my computer just keeps restarting, i got to windows once with it but then it crashed after about 10 minutes

I swapped the 2 sticks around to see if its a dodgy stick. there are no problems with the sticks

So i cant take them back, what do i do?

I want to use 1GB of memory but the computer will not let me


  Dorsai 17:50 15 Jul 2004

Does you POST/boot screen show you system voltages during boot?

If so, how close are they to what they should be?

I ask, as if you PSU is too small, it may be failing to keep close enough to the required voltage.. I think it's the 3.3v line that powers your ram, if i remember, isn't pc2100 ram 3.3 volts??

  User-312386 18:15 15 Jul 2004

i removed the 2 drives, the cd-rom and cd-rw and also the 2nd HDD

still the same

  Dorsai 18:56 15 Jul 2004


But what i was trying to say was that different parts of the PC run at different voltages.

For example, on mine, i have

v.Core = 1.6

2.5V value = 2.6

3.3v value = 3.4

5 v value = 4.95

12 v value = 11.95

Thats five different voltages that parts of my PC use. So some parts of a PC run at 2.5v, some at 12v, etc. If the bits you have unplugged run at 12v, 3.3v and 5v, and it's the 2.5v line that is struggling to cope, it won't help. as the 2.5v line has not had any bits removed.

  User-312386 19:04 15 Jul 2004

oh i see

i was using 2 sticks of ram (2 x 256ddr) before this

so where do i find how much each dimm uses?

  Dorsai 19:23 15 Jul 2004

I think (emfesis on think!) ddr ram runs at 3.3V. I don't think (ditto) much else in a PC does though.

I do not know how to tell how much power a stick of ram needs. but if the power is not there i can only guess it will not work right/al all.

If i have read your other thread and all relevent posts correctly, you PC runs fine if some of your ram is plugged in, but not fine if all are plugged in. How many ram slots have you got?

Have you checked your MOBO manual to see if it has any silly restrictions about combinations of ram sizes/types.

I know mine will take two sticks (in slot 3 & 4), up to 2Gb, of unbuffered sdram, or 4 sticks (up to 3.5Gb) if i use registered ram. (Don't ask me what registered ram is though, i just got 1gig registered ram so i could use all 4 slots and upgrade if needed later).

  norman47 19:54 15 Jul 2004


Ram comes in lots of different settings( PC2100) are you sure your new 512Mb matches with the rest? You can get double and single sided, error checking ram or non parity and class latency can come in three sizes 3.0 - 2.5 - 2.0. Did you match them up to your existing ram?

Do you have a BSEL0 and a BSEL1 jumpers on your board, are they both set to pins 1+2? This determines the clock speed to the ram speed, you can test this in the bios by looking at;

In advanced cmos settings what is the ratio of cpu/memory frequency ratio. It should be 1-1 with a 133Mhz cpu and 133Mhz memory.

Also in advanced \ chip configuration. What is the setting for sdram configuration, is it set to serial presence detect (SPD)or is it user defined. SPD is the easier for setup.

Is cas latency on auto or set to a value? It should be on auto.

  PSF 20:03 15 Jul 2004

On the Crucial site it reports PC2100 DDR ram as 2.5V.

Crucial Part Number: CT6464Z265 512MB

DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • DDR266 • 2.5V • 64Meg x 64

Do the memory modules have more than 18 chips on them, if they do they are not supported on your motherboard. This could be your problem.

  User-312386 21:05 15 Jul 2004

I do have BSEL0 and a BSEL1 on my board and will look in a minute to see what they are jumped at

What should they be jumped at?

Its set to SPD and CAS set to auto


Chips have 16(8 on each side)

  User-312386 21:59 15 Jul 2004

ok the jumpers are set to default

they are set on pins 1 and 2 and pins 3 are not jumped

is this right?

  PSF 22:03 15 Jul 2004

click here for a manual for the A7n266 motherboard

The default setting jumpers 1+2 on both for a setting of Cpu 133 and Memory @133

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