Real Problems, Computer Quirks from Indonesia

  Ankermi31 14:51 05 Aug 2011

Hi, a year ago you kindly sorted out major problems for daughter. She seems to have major problems this time so its easier to post what she has written. To me it seems to indicate the computer needs a thorough clean up or buy a new one but over to you. Or maybe the main battery needs replacing. I must say to be fair is that the laptop has travelled extensively to places you and I will never go to but it is an essential piece of kit for the sort of work being done.

"Computer quirks - sometimes all the text on the screen gets jumbled up - it all superimposes itself on itself. Or on outlook express - there are just a few of the words which appear and the others have gone somewhere. Then you close down the computer and open it again and it works.

yesterday when it was doing this - it said that there was not enough system space or something though to me it looks like there is loads of memory on the hard drive so have no idea. Then I tried to copy files over from the laptop to my mobile hard drive and it wouldn't let me as it said lack of system space.

The mouse pad and the buttons have died completely on the keyboard - I now need to use an actual mouse for it..

And I don't know what I'm supposed to do with Java - does it do whatever it's supposed to do without having to press any buttons?"

Sorry its a long missive - any help gratefully received.

  gengiscant 10:16 06 Aug 2011

I would copy all personal files to an external hard-drive, then making sure that I had a copy of all the necessary drivers, motherboard, graphics,audio, etc etc, which can be obtained from the laptop manufacture's website. Then I would completely reinstall the operating system, remembering to completely update it. Reinstall the drivers and your programs and copy your personal stuff back.

  woodchip 11:53 06 Aug 2011

When you say a lot of Memory we assume you mean disc space, How much is a lot as Windows needs lot of work space on the disc, like you would on a real Desktop if you had a big job to do

  Ankermi31 18:07 06 Aug 2011

gengiscant Many thanks but your reply is far too complicated for her to do given the location and working conditions she is in. Also this is a beginners forum and I feel your response is a little complicated for beginners to get their heads around though it makes sense.

woodchip I have told her that what shows as being available on the hard drive is not the system memory. (hope I am correct). She is adamant the message says not enough system memory.

I have told her to defrag the system to see if that helps speed up things when she first boots up.

I suspect its more a question of wear and tear but if it can be sorted well and good.

Wait to hear further. Regards Ankermi

  woodchip 19:29 06 Aug 2011

Defrag only moves the files up and down it does not remove them to make more space. All she needs do is Double Click My Computer then right click on the C:\ Drive then on Properties this will tell her how much free space there is to work with

  woodchip 19:30 06 Aug 2011

Not knowing what she does with the Laptop, She needs a External USB drive to copy all her Photos Music and Docs to. This should free up some space

  Ankermi31 10:34 07 Aug 2011

Hi Woodchip, Yes aware re defrag but suspect the laptop could do with it hence my instruction so to do.

Can confirm External USB drive and most of her documents have been backed up. It is only the last few days she has found she cannot copy across from the laptop to the external and she has plenty of space on the external.

Am hoping to link up with her via Skype later this morning so will find out more of what is going on and will then revert back.

Thanks again Ankermi

  Ankermi31 12:58 07 Aug 2011

System memory when purchased 3 GB

"C" Drive showing 29.2GB used and 4.86GB free

"E" Drive showing 29GB free (I am assuming this is a "partition")

  woodchip 19:30 07 Aug 2011

If she as any Program Discs that are loaded, these will have gone onto C:\ as I say if she as the discs for any loaded programs remove the Programs from Add Remove Programs in Control Panel, then reload the Programs, but do a Custom Install so that most of the files are loaded to E:\ She can choose the partition to load to when running the CD Setup. Do this with as many as she as the CD's for. Also Backing up her files and photos does not remove them from C:. If she as Backed them up to External Drive the ones on the C:\ drive can be deleted

  Ankermi31 21:05 08 Aug 2011

Thanks Woodchip will endeavour to pass your instructions through when I can make contact again.

I gave her instructions to transfer over to E Drive on Sunday and she managed to transfer some files over and backed up to the external also. - no photos on system only text documents and reports.

Referring back to the original posting, any thoughts on why the mouse pad and keys have died - she can use the normal optical mouse but a nuisance as difficulty in getting decent batteries if that dies too.

The defrag took a very long time and am told "it through out a load of stuff" not too certain what but it obviously did something as start up has now improved.

  woodchip 21:31 08 Aug 2011

She may need to reload Drivers these can be got from Manufacturers site. You should be looking on the Site using the Model Number and Operating System for Touchpad Drivers

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