A Real problem PC

  jennydog 11:07 20 Jan 2006

I hope you can help, My home pc started playing up going slow,freezing,etc. I tried to run scandisk it will only do 1-2% - after 10 attempts it says I have a program running in the background that is stopping scandisk. I have lost the clouds background on my desktop.I can’t find task manager. After a lot of trouble I purchased Noadware - no joy, I downloaded the free AVG it picked up and jailed Trojan horse downloader.generic.buj. Still not able to scan. I tried spybot, LOTS of major geek, they can't run - missing pdh.dll file. I ran PC MightyMax that found 323 problems on the registry path, 4 on the startup, 108 on the shell link shortcut, 4 on the missing INI file reference, it's a wonder the computer turns on!
I have found a folder in "My Computer" it has no name, it won't open, be sent, be shortcut, it won't delete or show properties. I have windows98
Can someone help? As simple as possible! Please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:12 20 Jan 2006

Start in safe mode by tapping the f8 key during the boot. Run AVG and any other programmes in safe mode. You could also d/l Ccleaner from click here and Regseeker from click here Run the progammes and delete all they find. Both are free programmes and are, IMHO better than any paid for programmes. Spybot is also a good download from click here

  jennydog 12:44 21 Jan 2006

Sorry to say GANDALF I still have my problems

  wobblymike 12:48 21 Jan 2006

Going right back to basics, I would say there are 2 possibilities:

1. Your PC has developed a hardware fault
2. Your OS has been corrupted by some sort of virus or spyware.

I assume you are running XP - do you have the original OS on disc?
If not do you have a recovery disc?

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