Real player problems

  tonyx1302 21:21 23 Apr 2006

I have just installed R/Player to watch a missed episode of The Apprentice on the BBC website.

It connects and loads ok but after watching for a minute or two the connection drops and I am told the it is 'communicating' and reloads to 100%. It runs again for short while only to happen again shortly

I am very new to media players and wonder if I am doing something wrong or that I have the right hardware installed to veiw a full progame via the Internet

XP with B/B via a newly installed router which is all new to me


  Diodorus Siculus 21:33 23 Apr 2006

Could be that the site is over loaded - often if you try later such communication problems are sorted out.

As a preference to Real Player, I use Real Alternative and rarely get problems; google will find RA for you.

  anskyber 21:41 23 Apr 2006

Real Alternatve, I use it. click here

  tonyx1302 22:09 23 Apr 2006

Thanks everyone. I will try all suggestions and report back tomorrow


  tonyx1302 22:23 23 Apr 2006

I have deleted Real player and installed Real Alterative as recommended but everything still opens up in Real Player. How do I make R/Alternative my default media player please ?


  tonyx1302 22:40 23 Apr 2006

I have just tried to run The Apprentice again using R/Alt but I cannot get it to open .I have ticked all the right boxes to make R/Alternative the default but it is not reconised. I think I have deleted everything related to RealPlayer


  tonyx1302 11:39 24 Apr 2006

I have ticked as resolved my previous post regarding media players but I now have another problem re media players.

I am trying to watch previously shown programs on the BBC web page. I had to down load,at their suggestion, RealPlayer. I found though that when I tried to watch anything on the site the connection would continual need to re connect every minute or so,as per my Sunday post

On asking advice from the forum it was suggested that I dump RealPlayer and use a better prog called Real Alternative.

The problem now is when connect to the web site it tries to run in Real Player and doesn't acknowledge R/Alternative. Does the Beeb website only run with RealPlayer if not, how can I make it use my prefered media player? I ticked all the correct boxes when downloading R/Alternative to make it my default player


  tonyx1302 20:12 24 Apr 2006

Thanks for coming back. I tried both of your suggestions but neither improved my problem so I installed Real Alternative as also reccomended and everything is running very good.

Please see my post of today headed Real Alternative Player

With thanks


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