real player one advice please

  holly polly 21:49 29 Jul 2003

hi just installed real player one and like other people i am expericing a sluggish comp .i read a thread here which suggested to rename realsched.exe to realsched.old to combat this ,unfortunately when i try to do this i get a red cross message which says "access is denied the source file may be in use ",anybody got any suggestions can i delete it ?,i am an aol user and i read if you do not have a source of real player on aol ,aol will not work ,is this the case?as usual all answers greatfully reieved cheers -hol pol....

  The Sack 22:04 29 Jul 2003

just turn off automatic updates :-)

  holly polly 22:13 29 Jul 2003

ok turned off auto update tried again to rename the file and i still get the message cannot rename access is denied the source file may be in use,any more suggestions -hol pol..

  The Sack 22:27 29 Jul 2003

You will need to reboot to set the option and turn the file off, starting in safe mode also works to rename the file but i have found just turning off auto updates without a rename does the trick (in my instance that is, it may be different for you :-)) either way you will be able to get at the file.

  holly polly 22:35 29 Jul 2003

had to into tools unclick all options that real player does when not online ,proceeded then with rename no probs noted ,as of yet-cheers -hol pol...

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