Real Player onto my new Laptop????

  mk2madman 07:57 03 Mar 2010

Hey folks and welcome to my little problem......

I have had my pc for 3 or 4 years now and i've finally gotten round to getting a new laptop this xmas......HOWEVER.....

I had a real player on it and a whole host of video clips etc on it and i want to transfer them over to my new laptop.....i linked them up via a crossover cable (or what ever it's called) and i managed to transfer all my music files easliy because they were in lovely folders and i could right click them and ' share ' them with my laptop. But because on real player you dont actually ' own ' the clips they are not in folders etc ( well at least not to my knowledge) so i cant transfer them over.
Yes i know i can pay 20 quid or what ever to upgrade to Real Player plus which lets me burn all files to disc......Thing is im unemployed at the moment and i dont think my partner will pay £20 just so i can transfer a few files from old to new pc's.

Am i doing something wrong here? have i missed a trick? or is there another way round this problem?
It would be intriging to know if anyone has any thoughts on this quandry.

Thanks for taking time out to read btw

  rawprawn 08:13 03 Mar 2010

Not sure exactly what you mean, but if you downloaded them you should find the in Videos> Real Player Downloads

  mk2madman 13:21 03 Mar 2010

Yes i can see all of the downloads in my ' View Library ' but i cannot minipulate them or send them anywhere......i can only link them to sites such as facebook and twitter, which unfortunatley doesnt help me at all.

Any one else have a view?

  Sea Urchin 13:37 03 Mar 2010

If you open Real Player Downloads then right-clicking on the video file should give you several options - "copying" or "sending to" are two examples. Transfer them to a flash drive/or CD and open them on your new laptop.

  mk2madman 15:51 03 Mar 2010

Ok just to clear this up, on the modern real player these days it has a ' record ' button on the lower left of the player. When you press this while watching an online video,it records it onto your player and lets you watch it again and again on your own machine. However,it doesnt seem to let you copy or send that file for some reason, because you dont actually own it.
But thanks for the suggestions so far guys

  rawprawn 17:08 03 Mar 2010

Open Real Player Go to Tools> Preferences> Download and Recording, at the top it says "Save Files To" that is where your files should be.

  Sea Urchin 18:32 03 Mar 2010

Yes, I use the "modern" Real Player - it records the video "onto your player". This means that it saves the file to your system where they can be found as per rawprawn's posting. If you can't find them then use the Windows search facility - when you find one you'll find them all.

  mk2madman 19:42 03 Mar 2010

Thankyou very much guys, i will try this in the morning when i get more time.

Sorry to be a noob, but im not up to speed on pc's and stuff. Many thanks

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