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  rawprawn 19:53 21 Apr 2011

When I updated Real Player yesterday the Downloader stopped working, I have unistalled and reinstalled, installed the plugin over the top with no luck. Eventually I uninstalled using Revo uninstaller in Advanced mode, cleaned the registry and re installed. I now get the Downloader to work most of the time, although sometimes it fails to appear, has anyone else had this problem or know of a sure fire cure? Thanks RP

  rdave13 20:02 21 Apr 2011

I'd try a system restore then uninstall RP via programs and features and only selecting to remove the program. Re-install here: Real Player Free

That's if you use the free version.

  rawprawn 20:14 21 Apr 2011

rdave 13* As I said I have already done that in fact about 4 times including using system restore, I have also uninstalled in programs and features then deleted Real in application data. The only way I get it to work at all is to completely get rid of all registry entries and then reinstall

  rdave13 20:26 21 Apr 2011


So it's working now? Revo can be a two pronged program. It knackered my Quicktime light by trying to uninstall it. Now I have to have the full Quicktime player. I believe that revo can also knacker Real player, so use with caution. One thing to think about is your security (inc firewall) and check that RP is allowed.

  rawprawn 20:42 21 Apr 2011

rdave13 Thanks, it's really strange it seems now to be working, but a couple of times the Downloader just doesn't appear. I am using Norton and I don't think it is blocked. I have googled and there seems to be quite. Number of problems. I will give it a day or so and see how it goes. Thanks RP

  rdave13 20:46 21 Apr 2011

Just be careful of Revo. It can cause havock with Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, WL Messenger and any programs that have a similar 'base' as wont for a better word. Glad it's working now.

  rawprawn 21:00 21 Apr 2011

Thanks, I don't use any of those. I have always regarded Revolution as safe so it's good to be forewarned.

  rawprawn 08:23 22 Apr 2011

It seems to be working OK now. Thanks RP

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