Real Player is Badware......

  pac73 02:35 04 Feb 2008

Look here

  Taff™ 06:10 04 Feb 2008

Perhaps this should have been in Consumer Watch or Speakers Corner. Personally I mainly agree with the comments in your link and for that reason don`t put Real Player on any of my machines. If I do I make sure during setup that I untick everything to do with message centre, automatic updates (Which slows down startup by checking online for them) and I deselect every file format except those not covered by WMP & the other playes I already have installed.

  rawprawn 08:20 04 Feb 2008

Use this alternative click here

  Stuartli 10:43 04 Feb 2008

Real Alternative (along with QuickTime Alternative), as rawprawn suggests, provides the answer.

I banished RealPlayer (you have to configure it to do as YOU want, not Real) from my system some years ago.

  SCROOGE2 23:31 04 Feb 2008

i have been wondering about real player for a while and after reading this thread have decided to get rid of it so went looking in 'add and remove programes'in controll pannel,but it was not there so i used media wipe to remove real player but it left one empty folder 'templates' which dosen't want to go anywhere. i must add that i could not find any uninstall reference for real player anywhere.

  Gandalph 02:03 05 Feb 2008

The uninstall option is in All Programs>Real>Real Player drop down menu, the one at the bottom.

  mtdreamer 04:08 05 Feb 2008

I tried downloading the Real Alternative through "rawprawn" and got warnings from Norton not to do it, no digital signature or something. What is the official way to get this and is it still the way to go?

  pac73 04:23 05 Feb 2008

Sorry about that,maybe i should,ve posted it in Consumer Watch or Speakers Corner.
But i thought more newbies would see it in the Helproom.

  pac73 04:26 05 Feb 2008

Try this link click here

  Taff™ 06:20 05 Feb 2008

You`re probably right! No matter really.

  ened 06:42 05 Feb 2008

I have downloaded this
click here

Every file, including .rm etc & .mov, now play in Windows Media Player.

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