Real One

  donmar 11:14 12 Sep 2005

Does anyone know how to stop my macine asking if I want to install Real One? I do not and it stops me loging on to AOL and also stops an AOL autofix from working to solve connection problems.
I have AOL 9 and Win XP.

Thank you.


  Chegs ® 11:22 12 Sep 2005

Oh,the joys of AOL.I had them as my ISP for a while,try as I might,nothing could be done to get rid of Real/Quicktime.If you do dispose of them,every single time you launch AOL connection,up comes the box informing you that you dont have them and do you want to install them now!

  donmar 11:29 12 Sep 2005

Thanks Ghegs

  Chegs ® 16:19 12 Sep 2005

Please dont take the thread outside PCA...

Via email,

Did you find a better ISP and how easy was it for you to transfer? Don

I changed ISP with nothing more than a phonecall to AOL to cancel.Others haven't been as lucky.I upgraded to ADSL too,as my time with AOL had been really slow,2-2.5Kbs added to PCA pages being really slow equalled extreme frustration for me.

  donmar 16:45 12 Sep 2005

Sorry about the email and thanks for the reply.

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