Readreg application slowing down startup

  Mr Scone 02:41 08 Jan 2003
  Mr Scone 02:41 08 Jan 2003

When i start my PC and windows loads (XPhe) an application called readreg appears in the taskbar and the PC crawls along, not loading up anything else (eg. Norton system doctor) for about 60-90 seconds, whereupon the program disapears and normal function is resumed.

Does anyone know what this program does and if i can delete it using msconfig safely?



  wawadave 02:57 08 Jan 2003

try these links
click here
click here
click here

  jazzypop 03:04 08 Jan 2003

readreg can be a virus (such as ILoveYou) calling a registry entry, or a Delphi command, or a bug in some Audigy driver installations.

If you look in msconfig, you may get more of a clue as to what is calling this, or search the registry for more clues.

  Mr Scone 14:30 08 Jan 2003

I've had a lot of problems with my PC sound system and have actually had the speakers sent back (under waranty) for testing. I have reinstalled the drivers several times but the problem continued so i assumed it was a hardware problem (either the speakers or pci card). From what u say jazzypop, i should probably expect to have nothing wrong with the speakers and should look at pci/driverproblems.

For now, i will disable it from startup



PS - I'm pretty sure it's not a virus because i update my norton protection at least twice a week normally. :o)

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