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reading outlook emails on 2 computers

  Daisy22 19:36 21 Sep 2007

Now that I have a desktop PC and a laptop I am wondering how I can set the laptop so that I can see any emails which go into Outlook Express on my other PC.
At the moment, if I havent opened the OE emails I can view them on the laptop, but once they've been opened they don't appear in windows mail
Is there a way to do this please cos its getting a bit frustrating now
many thanks

  Forum Editor 19:42 21 Sep 2007

that you want to synchronise your mail folders between the two computers, and if so, are they networked in some way?

  Forum Editor 19:44 21 Sep 2007

The penny's dropped - thanks brundle, why didn't I see it that way?

  Daisy22 19:46 21 Sep 2007

Ideally I would just like to be able to see my emails in both outlook express and windows mail from one computer, or both whichever I am accessing at the time. It doesn't look like it is an easy option though

  Forum Editor 19:55 21 Sep 2007

unless you do what brundle suggests. If you set both mmachines to leave messages on the server you will certainly be able to see your mail on both computers, but you'll rapidly use up your mailbox allocation, and then inbound mail will be bounced.

Setting only one machine to leave the messages on the server will mean that both machines will download the mail, but you would have to remember to download to use the same machine first each time. Use the one that hasn't been set to leave copies on the server and it will delete them - so you won't see them on machine number 2.

There is an alternative, and that's to use webmail exlusively. That way you'll see your mail in Internet Explorer on both computers, and you can delete them yourself, when you're ready.

  Daisy22 20:34 21 Sep 2007

please could you explain about the alternative? is it easy to set up and use, does it work the same as outlook/windows mail, and does it cost anything to use?

I would probably need step by step instructions on how to install/use it

thanks for your help

  Daisy22 20:59 21 Sep 2007

My ISP is wanadoo france, I've always found it easier to use outlook for emailing as its in English. However, I've found even when accessing or sending emails via wanadoo, I can't seem to read them from both computers. If I've sent from one PC they stay stored on that one and vice versa. Maybe I haven't set it up quite right (which is a bit difficult as its in French)but I would still prefer to access it all in English.

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