Reading my Outlook Express mail while overseas

  ex4thhussar 07:41 21 Apr 2007


While overseas I am able to access my Yahoo Mail with no difficult whatsoever by GOOGLING in YAHOO MAIL.COM and entering my password.

My problem is trying to achieve the same result process with my BT Broadband Outlook Express.

Will someone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks !


  Gongoozler 07:53 21 Apr 2007

Unless BT is different from most other isp's, you should be able to log into their website and retrieve your emails. You should also have the option to leave the emails on the server or to delete them. This won't use Outlook Express, but will be via Internet Explorer or another browser. The emails will be the same. You should also be able to send emails the same way.

  MAJ 08:28 21 Apr 2007

As Gongoozler says, but should BT's site be down or inaccessible for some reason then you could try using "Mail2web" click here. Try it out before leaving, make sure it works for you first.

  [email protected] 09:03 21 Apr 2007

Just browse (from wherever you are) to the BT Home Page. Somewhere along the top you should be able to access and sign in to your webmail. Use this as you would your OE acount although the format will be slightly different I expect.

  p;3 09:30 21 Apr 2007

I presume you do realise the Outlook express program is a program on your computer to which you download mails from your server and is NOT web mail?

  Microdot 10:07 21 Apr 2007

I use
Works from anywhere

Cheers de Art

  ex4thhussar 11:01 21 Apr 2007

Many thanks to all for a speedy response that I will (as recommended) try out from another computer before "going live"
Once again the lovely folk on this site have come up trumps !

Ron G

  p;3 12:17 21 Apr 2007

what you CAN do is access your mails on server from virtually ANYWHERE providing you know your server address; and you can send from server;

for instance, I can access my server e mails from many pc's I have acccess to ; BUT the mails in my OE I can only acccess from my computer that has them stored IN the oe Program

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