reading my old hard drive.

  notmeguv 12:18 14 Mar 2004

windows xp pro, 2.4ghz, asus p4pe mothrboard. ive just swaped my old ata hard drive for an new sata drive, and installed windowes from scratch. it all works fine. my question is, is there any why i can plug my old drive in to an ide port temporarily, just to copy some old files. or would i have to reboot it with just my old drive and copy the files to cd. thanks.

  gudgulf 12:36 14 Mar 2004

Should be no problem to do that----try it and post back if it does no work.

  anon1 12:38 14 Mar 2004

you will probably have to set the jumpers to slave.

  exodus 12:38 14 Mar 2004

If either drive is manufactured by Maxtor, then you can use Maxblast3 to copy the entire contents of one drive to another, including the o/s. If that does not apply, then set the old drive as slave and boot up from the new drive. If XP recognises the new drive, then you will be able to copy the data across that you need.

  notmeguv 12:44 14 Mar 2004

it worked, i set it to slave, switched off, then pluged it in and booted. cheers. i didnt like to try it without asking anyone, incase i messed my motherboard up or something. cheers.

  gudgulf 12:51 14 Mar 2004

Your system will boot from the sata drive,so it wont matter if your old drive is set as master or slave.This is because your new sata drive has been configured as the boot drive in bios.

( Come to think ot it wont matter which drive it boots from anyway, as once in windows you can drag any file from one drive to the other.)

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