Reading the magazine on Android

  morddwyd 06:07 17 Oct 2015

When I try to read my digital copy of the magazine on Android I get the message that Flash player is required and then that Flash Player is not compatible with my device (Galaxy Note Pro 12.2).

Any suggestions?

  simonjary 08:05 17 Oct 2015


Do you mean the digital edition of PC Advisor?

  compumac 12:14 17 Oct 2015

There is a way round the fact that Flash is not compatible with your device.

See click here

  morddwyd 18:48 17 Oct 2015



I don't use Dolphin, only FF and Chrome. Android version is Lollipop

Thanks for the suggestion, I'm a bit loath to download another browser just for one monthly usage!

  lotvic 23:57 17 Oct 2015

How to read a Zinio publication (Android) click here

If you receive the error message “Adobe Flash 10 Required” this indicates you are attempting to view a publication from a web browser on It is not possible to read from a web browser but this is easy to resolve:

1 Install or open the Zinio App from your Android device

2 Tap on Read (the book icon)

3 Tap on the publication to read it.

  morddwyd 08:48 18 Oct 2015


I did read, but Compmacs link dealt led to use with a Dolphin browser and my anwer was to him.


Thanks, I'll give it a try. I've also remembered there is a programme (Windows) Called Zinio Reader 4, or some such, so I'll have look and see if it's been read across to Android.

  compumac 09:17 18 Oct 2015


I had forgotten that my link was to use with a Dolphin browser, but I am sure there is a way round the problem albeit not though that link

  morddwyd 10:23 25 Oct 2015


Thank you, your method worked perfectly.

Thanks for all other responses.

I tend to be stuck in Windows mode and go first to my browser for everything, forgetting that there are so many dedicated apps in Android!

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