reading Lotus spreadsheets in MS Works

  coinneach 21:36 12 Aug 2005

I've been trying to transfer spreadsheet files (.123)from Lotus Smart Suite to MS Works 8.0 (.xlr). Error messages tell be they can't be read by Works.

I'm quite sure this is possible but can't figure out how. Can anbody help, please?


  Jackcoms 21:38 12 Aug 2005

"Error messages tell me they can't be read by Works"


Two different companies (MS and Lotus) and two different programs.

  VoG II 21:40 12 Aug 2005

Excel will read them.

  Jackcoms 21:45 12 Aug 2005

MS Excel will read/convert Lotus 123 data

  TonyV 21:49 12 Aug 2005

I suspect you will have to open the files in Lotus 123, then save them to the .xlr format. In much the same way that you can do it to open a file created as "abc.123" (in Lotus 123)in Excel (Office) as "abc.xls".


  Jackcoms 21:49 12 Aug 2005

And there we have another example of the PCA website timeouts. I actually posted my last post about 5 minutes ago! ;-)

  Jackcoms 21:51 12 Aug 2005

Excel help files give fairly comprehensive information on how to go about what you are seeking to do.

  coinneach 21:55 12 Aug 2005

Thanks for your instant responses. As VoG points out these files can be read in MS Excel, so the fact that different companies are involved does not rule this out.

I'm convinced that I've done this successfully in the past on 2 other computers, but I didn't keep a note of how I did it!


  Ancient Learner 21:58 12 Aug 2005

As VoG™ says, Excell will read 123 files easily.

Or if you look at the 'save as' in 123 you should find a choice of file types to save in, including Excell types, which are I believe .xls. It should then open in the Works spread sheet if you choose the XL option for the type of file to find, however you may find that some figures, if formatted in 123 don't come out right!

I stick with 123 myself.

  Ancient Learner 22:00 12 Aug 2005

I'm too slow at typing!

  coinneach 22:14 12 Aug 2005

Unfortunately I don't have Excel and I don't now have access to a PC with Lotus. I transferred the files in question en bloc when a friend replaced her PC and I evidently did not anticipate the problem in advance. There were too many other things to think about at the time.

So I guess I'm trapped!


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