reading javascript/cascading sheet document

  nobbyhigo 22:52 12 Nov 2014

i saved some files i thought would open as per normal then found they were as above I am a bit of a novice on this Could you recommend a simple way of opening them so i can read and just print off thanks

  LastChip 03:43 13 Nov 2014

First I should warn you, if you're not sure why you received these files or what they are, they could malicious. Be careful!

That said, if you were expecting them and want to read them, any text editor should enable you to do that. If you're using Windows, something like Notepad.

  Batch 09:12 13 Nov 2014

Out of interest, why would you be wanting to open such files (given, as you say, " I am a bit of a novice on this") ?

  nobbyhigo 09:31 13 Nov 2014

OK i saved a page from a social media site that might be needed you understand I saved it on my laptop as a web page and didnt realise it wouldnt read I just need to see the web page so i can print it off

  Batch 09:42 13 Nov 2014

Javascript (.js) and Cascading Style Sheets (.css) won't contain any meaningful information as such.

If you saved the webpage it would typically be saved as WEBPAGENAME.html (where WEBPAGENAME is whatever you choose to save it as) with a subfolder (called WEBPAGENAME files) at the same location with various components (such as .js, .css, .jpg etc). Alternatively, if you are using Internet Explorer it is possible to save the whole web page as a single file with a .mhtml extension.

Clicking on the .html (or .mhtml) should open the saved copy. However, you should be aware that it is not a perfect process. In addition you cannot (successfully) save secure web pages (i.e. where the web address starts with https:// rather than http:// ) because that would compromise the very security that they provide.

  nobbyhigo 10:01 13 Nov 2014

Looks like i have lashed it up . I have about 200 individual files all of the sort you mention and i cant read them i should have checked I cant get to them online again now thanks anyway

  lotvic 10:26 13 Nov 2014

You have opened the folder, that's not where you need to be. What you need to do is go back up a level so that you can see the WEBPAGENAME.html and just the folder (not opened).

Then you click on and open the WEBPAGENAME.html (it will have the icon of your web browser on it).

  Batch 11:52 13 Nov 2014

I agree with lotvic's suggestion.

For future reference, where appropriate, you may find it better to save an image of the webpage rather than the webpage itself (works best when what you want to save fits on your screen - i.e. no need to scroll). To do this use the Windows Snipping Tool or a 3rd party alternative such as Greenshot or MWSnap. Or simply do a screen print (PrintScreen key - just PrintScreen to get the whole screen or Alt+PrintScreen to get the active window and then just paste into a Word document and save it).

  nobbyhigo 13:27 13 Nov 2014

done it copied the whole file to desktop and it brought up files plus html file icon clicked on the icon and page loaded thanks guys i will take a sceenshot next time as you suggest

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