Reading Email On Laptop And Desktop - Home Network

  AlAndrews 15:46 12 Feb 2006

Hi, I hope someone can help with this (my first post!)

I have a home wireless network with a Desktop and a Laptop.

Both have OE as the email client. I have several email accounts, some on a domain I own and some with my ISP, that recieve email each day.

I want to be able to read and reply to the emails on eithier machine, but to keep a record of the email that is accesible on both eg read and reply on Laptop but then be able to see the email on the Desktop.

I thought the easiest way was to share the OE Store Folder but I understand this isn't possible?

Can what I want be done, eithier with a software option (I have Outlook but don't use it)or another method.

Thanks in advance.


  johnnyrocker 17:22 12 Feb 2006

in the tools options menu you will find a facility to leave a copy of message on server would that help?


  palinka 18:07 12 Feb 2006

If you follow johnnyrocker's suggestion you can have the same emails on both PCs and then you can decide which you want to keep where. Suggest you try it out by sending yourself a few test messages.

  palinka 18:09 12 Feb 2006

should have said - I have mine (laptop & desktop) set to do exactly that. I use OE. No problems.

  Batch 19:16 12 Feb 2006

If I'm correct, leaving a copy of the message on the server (on one of the machines - preferably the "slave") solves the problem for mail received, but not for mail sent.

But you can always CC (or BCC) yourself on sent mail so that you subsequently receive a copy.

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