Reading cd udf format on XP

  j3nks 19:04 28 Mar 2005

I have sone CD's that were created in Roxio I beleive in a udf format. I now use Nero
When I put a UDF dick in I get the option to install a UDF reader but if I install this windows will not start up keeps rebooting then can go into safe mode.
Removed the program now and windows is booting up.
Anyone know how I can get these files off the CD?

  Paranoid Android 23:22 28 Mar 2005

Your spelling is comical in places (read it carefully and you'll get the point) but your problem is not. I don't really understand why you are having this issue.

This is taken from Microsoft :

Windows XP Professional reads UDF versions 1.02, 1.50, 2.0, and 2.01 on CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RAM, and magneto-optical discs. Support is implemented in the Udfs.sys driver. If you have a DVD-RAM drive, you can use Windows XP Professional to format DVD-RAM discs by using FAT32. Windows XP Professional does not include built-in support for formatting DVD-RAM discs by using NTFS, although some third-party tools might enable this capability.

Windows XP Professional does not support writing to UDF volumes. In addition, Windows XP Professional does not implement the following UDF features:

* Named streams
* Access control lists
* Extended attributes


I guess the 'does not support writing' bit would explain the problem when installing the driver. I would check if your system has the above mentioned udfs.sys driver, and if not, that may be the problem.


  j3nks 13:14 29 Mar 2005

Ok dont drink and post!
Had a similar problem before but in that case the PC would not shutdown short of pulling the plug out. That was down to a problem with the UDF reader file and XP listed by microsoft Article ID : 311806
Removed the file and then it was OK, short of loading Roxio just wanted to know if anyone knew of any patches for nero that would fix it.
Tried it on a Linux PC and its cd software and it could not read it and could not install the exe file.
Looks like I will have to just bin them

  Chegs ® 16:33 29 Mar 2005

Apparently there is a conflict between it
and InCD, try uninstalling that reader, then disabling windows XP support
for burning CD's.

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