Reading backed up e-mails

  Sapins 11:10 08 Apr 2006

I have backed up, as Word documents, my e-mails. How can I read them in plain English without the pages of "code"?

  stlucia 11:53 08 Apr 2006

Can you not read them using Word, or the free Word Viewer available from the MS site?

How did you back them up? What software were you using?

  pj123 14:26 08 Apr 2006

As stlucia says, how did you back them up?.

I don't "backup" my emails I just highlight them and copy and paste in word and then save from there. No problem.

  Sapins 09:16 09 Apr 2006

Thanks for your replies and sorry I haven't replied sooner, got a sudden and very bad dose of flu.

I used XP to back them up to a folder. Your method is much better and easier pj123, I'll use that in future.

Thanks again,



  terryf 09:23 09 Apr 2006

Suggest that you consider EA8 to back them up, painless.

  Sapins 10:06 09 Apr 2006

What is EA8?

  Wak 11:21 09 Apr 2006

Hi, If you use Outlook Express and have your e-mail files backed up as .DBX files then go to click here and download the OE Reader program.
This will allow you to read all your .DBX files.
Hope your flu is better now?

  Sapins 18:21 09 Apr 2006

Thanks for the link, I'll give it a go tomorrow, the flu is getting better, I am keeping my fluid intake up!



  Sapins 11:12 12 Apr 2006

Flu still lingering on, haven't started perching on the arm of the settee yet :-)

I have used the programme you gave me the link to, works brilliantly, thanks again,



  Wak 08:34 13 Apr 2006

You're very welcome, Sapins.
Glad it worked OK for you.

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