read receipt request not received?

  palinka 23:08 21 Dec 2004

I sent an email in OE with a request for a read receipt, but the recipient says she didn't see the request. she's inexperienced and may have just panicked when the window appeared and so clicked No without reading it; but is there a setting that prevents the appearance of the window? My OS is ME, hers XP.

  no way 23:18 21 Dec 2004

Did you send the email to a hotmail or other web-based email account? (as in you dont require a client like MS OE or Mozilla TB) If you did then the receipt request may become obsolete - not all web-based email accounts support them as far as I know

  palinka 09:30 22 Dec 2004

Thanks. She uses OE but her address is a Yahoo one; would your suggestion apply to that?

  Peverelli 10:04 22 Dec 2004

If she's using OE then she's probably got the box saying 'never send a read receipt' ticked.
You'll find this box (in Outlook Express) by clicking on Tools > Options - click on the receipts tag and it's about half way down.

  georgemac 10:08 22 Dec 2004

I would download and install msgtag which will give you automatic receipts click here but the website seems to be down - maybe the service is not working?

  palinka 10:23 22 Dec 2004

thanks Peverelli - that's what I suspected; I think you have solved the problem. Thanks for the suggestion georgemac, I already use msgtag, but it doesn't work for group mailings, which is when I resort to the "read receipt" method.

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