read only permissions

  geeza 14:00 22 Feb 2005

A colleague has been given a lap top by her previous employer, and everything that she does ie. creates a new word doc and tries to copy it to floppy/CD it is read only. Have tried the normal procedures ie. properties and removing the read only tick but this doesnt work. any help appreciated.

  PA28 14:05 22 Feb 2005

What happens when she copies it to her hard drive? I can understand a file written to CD automatically becoming read only - but can it be copied back and then the properties altered as you have done?

  geeza 14:11 22 Feb 2005

What she is telling me is that anything on the machine is read only, folders etc, even if she creates a word doc it is read only and she is unable to change the attributes. I do realise that if something is copied to CD then it will be read only until you copy to desktop and change the attributes. I cant work out that someone (the previous owner for example)can make everything created on the pc is made read only.

  PA28 14:30 22 Feb 2005

Two further questions then as I think this may be heading into corporate security issues on which I'm not qualified (but others here are)- What Operating System is being used and do you know how this particular laptop was used within the company - was there any need to globally protect any data stored from curious meddling?

  geeza 14:32 22 Feb 2005

The laptop is running win2000 and I believe it was used by the finance dept, thats probably why is has been protected, she doesnt know the admin password so it looks like a rebuild.

  geeza 14:35 22 Feb 2005

will check this as resolved

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