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  arrow 15:02 31 Dec 2006

Since upgrading from ME to XP SP2 my CD-RW music and video catalogues have all become read only. When I remove the tick in the "read only" box in attributes in properties it says an error has occured and wont change it. Similarly, when I copied my DVD catalogue from floppy to CD-RW it also became read only. I am the only user and am registered as the administrator, so why wont it obey me? Pease help. Many thanks, Arrow

  AndySD 15:17 31 Dec 2006

Try this go Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools choose Services then find "Protected Storage." Set it to MANUAL. Do not disable. Reboot and you should be able to remove the read only.

  arrow 15:53 31 Dec 2006

Thanks for your help. I did as you said, but when i removed the tick and clicked on apply a window appeared saying
An error occured applying attributes to the file.
Access in denied. This file is read only.
Since this problem arose, the CD sometimes refuses to eject until I swithch the PC off. I am wondering if my CD-RW is getting past it, it is now 5 years old!! Further ideas please. Arrow.

  AndySD 16:10 31 Dec 2006

Ok So XP Home or XP Pro

Did you convert the file system to NTFS or is it still Fat32

On installing did you choose 'Keep my files private'

  arrow 16:22 31 Dec 2006

XP home. The upgrade was done by a dealer and I can't answer the next 2 questions

  AndySD 16:38 31 Dec 2006

Please doudle check you are set as the Administrator.

Open User Accounts tool, Start then Control Panel, and then double click User Accounts.

Click Change an account in the Pick a task list box.

Click on your account.

Click Change the account type to change the account type to increase or decrease the user's rights on the computer.

It should be Administrator not user.

To check for The file system go to My Computer and right click on your C Drive it will tell you the File Type in the General Tab

  arrow 16:59 31 Dec 2006

I am definitely the administrator and the file system is NTFS Arrow

  AndySD 17:27 31 Dec 2006


Am I just bieng slow today!

The files are not on the Hard Drive but on the CD?

  britto 19:22 31 Dec 2006

you need to copy the files to the hard drive to change attributes,I am sure that files are burnt to cd /dvd as read only by default.

  arrow 11:30 01 Jan 2007

Hello AndySD & britto, sorry for my delay in responding, other duties took precedence.
All the files were burnt on to CD or floppy by ME before upgrade and were not read only. I have copied the floppy to My Documents, from were I have burnt them to CD-RW, but it has become read only!! Could this be a fault in the burning software of XP, or a fault in my 5 year old CD-RW hardware ? Please advise and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both. Arrow.

  brundle 11:39 01 Jan 2007

The files are made read-only when burnt to CD because they /are/ read-only when on CD and that attribute remains `ticked` when they are copied back to a writable medium, even though they then become read/write again - it is not the fault of your software/XP/drive. Select the entire folder or all files, right click, select Properties, clear the Read-Only box.
Lots of similar explanations here; click here

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