Read only [again]

  anniesboy68 21:29 07 Apr 2003

Is there anyone out there that can explain very clearly to a duffer why it says you can use a CDRW disk [In the CD Writer drive of course] just like a floppy, ie loading and unloading files, and not being told they are read only. There must be some sort of problem here. Has anyone overcome, and if so let me [a duffer] know please as I am getting fed up.

  Legolas 21:34 07 Apr 2003

The CDRW disk must be formatted in a special way to allow it to be used in this way Easy cd-creator can do it.

  anniesboy68 21:38 07 Apr 2003

Legolas...Yes but InCd does that and the disks are formatted

  britto 22:13 07 Apr 2003

not used cdrw, but with floppys just used to copy files to comp click on properties and change them to archive to be able to work on them.if this is what your wanting to do.

  woodchip 22:23 07 Apr 2003

to change a bunch of files in one go click folder then click top file in list of files hold the shift key down and right click on the bottom file in the list so all files are selected then right click on highlighted files choose properties and change to Archive then click OK all the files will now be archive also remove the read only tick

  BRYNIT 22:57 07 Apr 2003

Just checked files on CD-RW and found some with read only and some not? To remove read only on files right click, properties un tick read only.

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