Reactivating Windows XP

  Kuching 18:34 17 Aug 2011

When I switched on my PC today, a box popped up saying that I have 3 days to reactivate my Windows. Then MS Security Essentials popped up saying, "Windows did not pass genuine validation. Security Essentials will become disabled in 30 days if you do not resolve this issue."

Can someone please advise if this message is genuine, and if so, why do I need to reactivate Windows?

  onthelimit1 18:49 17 Aug 2011

It is probably genuine - try to reactivate - if there's a problem you can call Microsoft on an 0800 number to resolve the probelem.

Interesting name you have. The only Kuching I know of was an RAF base in (I think) Singapore. My old squadron had a tiger called Kuching!

  Kuching 21:00 17 Aug 2011

Thank you. I tried to but it came back telling me that I need to buy Windows 7. I am happy with Windows XP; so shall leave it and try to reload Security Essentials again.

You're not far off; Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, East Malaysia.

  john bunyan 23:16 17 Aug 2011

I have often passed through Kuching (Holiday Inn) en route to Julau, Sareiki,Sibu,Kapit and further up the Rajang and Baleh rivers. Enjoyed a durian when last in Kuching market. A great part of the world.

  Sparkly 07:17 18 Aug 2011

Hi Kuching had the same myself a while back it finally stopped telling me this as it updated, one morning switched on the PC and MSE had a green tick in it i ran the update and never had the problem again "so far" i allso remember someone adviseing to uninstall MSE and download a fresh upto date version and install. Good luck

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