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  RoyWidd 01:34 14 Feb 2006

Hello,having seen my girlfriends'pc tonight for the first time,I'd like,if possible,advice on 2 subjects regarding XP Pro please.
How,short of opening up the case,can I find out just what type of RAM is needed to upgrade from the current 128mb in there?It's a pentium 111 processor.
Secondly,it's only got SP-1 installed,there is no internet access,so would it be possible for me to d/load SP-2 onto a disk,then install it on her system?Many thanks in advance.

  phil46 01:41 14 Feb 2006

First of all you need double the ram you have now to run WXP 128mb is to low,as regards SP2 if the computer is not connected to the internet then there is no need to install it.

  phil46 01:50 14 Feb 2006

Sorry forgot download belarc you can then copy to a floppy and install on your girlfriends PC
this will tell you the type of MOBO you have and you then can find info you require via Google,it would be quicker to open the case, being an old computer it will be SD Ram NONE ECC i think.

  Skills 01:51 14 Feb 2006

Everest is my personal choice for system audit click here

Theres also belarc click here

and sisoft sandra click here=

I too agree with phil46 if theres no net connection then you should be fine without sp2. Have 256 as a min but if you can affore more stick 512 in.

  RoyWidd 01:52 14 Feb 2006

Hello phil46,thanks for that,not needing SP2 is one problem less.Any ideas please on how to find the correct type of RAM needed without opening up the case?I was aware that the amount in there is not enough,hence my query.

  Skills 01:52 14 Feb 2006

Chances are the RAM's either PC100 or PC133

  RoyWidd 01:56 14 Feb 2006

Since posting,more answers have been given I see;thank you Skills,I'll get Belarc as you suggested,I use it,but wasn't aware it could be put on a floppy.And I'll go for as much memory as possible.

  Skills 02:00 14 Feb 2006

If you have a USB key or dont mind writing to cd Id take everest with you gives a bit more detail than belarc. Ive just run belarc through on my system and it tells me the ammount of RAM installed but not the type whereas everest does.

  RoyWidd 02:18 14 Feb 2006

Ticked before I replied,my apologies.Thanks once again Skills,I've got SIW on my system,which is again more detailed than belarc,but I'll take everest too.
Many thanks to you and phil46,you have helped enormously,and it's greatly appreciated.

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