re-writer not compatible?

  shepherddude 20:26 16 Aug 2003

I bought a 'liteon 40x12x48x cd rewriter with atapi-interface but it wont work with my system- xp pro,intel cel. 701,128mb/ram.After draggin and compiling-then burning onto a disc using 'nero burning rom' software, it all seems to be fine untill u take out the disc and see that there's NO SCORCHING at all on the disc and dvd drive says no disc in?took it back to pc world and they said it works fine but prob just NOT compatable with ma system.Any idea's before i flogg it? cheers goose.

  howard60 21:28 16 Aug 2003

could it not be liking the cable you have it connected on? make sure you have it correctly set as master/slave whatever. these liteon are very good and unless it is faulty it should work ok. Assuming all correctly set up try connecting it differently ie if master on ide2 try putting it as slave to ide1 and vice versa.

  jospar 21:34 16 Aug 2003

I've have the same cd-rw, using xp home, (but have used it in pro as well) P4 2ghz 256 ram, before this I used it in my old system, P2 300mhz (slow I know)

I would try to burn a cd using xp, or another cd burning software, you might behaving a conflick with another program, normaly this seems to happen when you have something like easy cd loaded.

Also check for up-dates both on divers for the cd and for nero, there was a new version due out last month or this.

If possiable, install the cd-rw into another computer, it might be that the cd-rw is at fault not the software. Did pcworld check it on there machines.

I know this sounds silly, but what type of cd were you trying to write to? check that you got the right type, and cd-rw need to be formatted before use. Sorry if the latter bit sound a bit patternising, but sometimes its the simple things that we over-look that causes the biggest problems.

  fred 21:49 16 Aug 2003

I've had problems using Nero with XP Home despite updating Nero etc. This is despite having Nero bundled with the machine.

Burning 'on the fly' with Nero seems OK but problems started when images were used.

Got fed up trying to fix it and now get by very nicely with the built in XP burning software. Works fine. I've heard a rumour that Nero is incompatable with the built in system but have not made any enquiries about this as I have a working system.

  Ironman556 21:54 16 Aug 2003

If it's bundled then it may not like the new drive, some versions of nero are locked to work only with the make/model of drive it was supplied with. Try the up[dates from the Nero site and check all the FAQ's.

If your drive isn't supported, email the people at NERO and they claim that they will add support in the next patch.

  Ironman556 21:57 16 Aug 2003

I think (not sure though) that Win XP writes CD's using Adaptec's software as the basis.

I don't know if it's still the case, but Adaptec and Nero software used to refuse to run on the same system simultaniously, although I think there may be a patch to fix it.

  fred 22:01 16 Aug 2003

That's what I heard so I now stick to the built in.

  woodchip 22:25 16 Aug 2003

The not compatible from PC World is a load of rubbish, if it does not work then it's faulty or not setup correctly or faulty other equipment like EIDE controller CABLE or jumpers or such like

  woodchip 22:27 16 Aug 2003

You say that you used NERO to burn!!!! did you disable XP burning software. Try just draging files to a CD in Explorer. If it works then it is still using XP software

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