Re-writable CD-R??

  Amethyst75 23:09 11 May 2003


Iv been adding data (using Nero software) to a multi-session CD-R for a few months without any problem. However, when i added a few files to the multi-session cd today it seems to have overwritten or lost all of the original data....theres no sign of it at all!! All that appears to be on the disk is the newly burnt data. Iv tried searching for files that should be on the cd and made sure none of the files are hidden but still cant find them *puzzled*.

Does anyone know how iv managed to 'overwrite' a CD-R? Or if i can get back the missing data??? Id be grateful for any replys!

  ahales42 23:18 11 May 2003

once you`ve written to a cd-r you can`t write to it again. think you`re using a cd-rw.could be a wrongly labelled disk. try formatting it and see what happens.

  powerless 23:24 11 May 2003

Once you have written to a CD-R disc you can write to it again but you cannot delete its contents like you can with a CD-RW.

Mulit-sessions - means that you can keep writing to the disc, adding more stuff. If a file has changed since it was burnt to disc you can overwrite the file on the dsic. So you can update the file if you like.

Amethyst75 If i'm not mistaken what you have done is written over a previous session as far as i know you cannot recover files that have been overwritten.

  Amethyst75 23:44 11 May 2003

It was definately a CD-R. The files that i added to the disk were completely different to the ones already on it, thats why im so puzzled as to why its happened!

  Steve N 00:13 12 May 2003

I had a similar problem but in reverse. I couldn't see the new files but only the old ones. All I did was restart my PC and reinserted the disc and i could see the new files too.

  1911 00:33 12 May 2003

I use Roxio easy cd Creator and it has an APPLICATION called SESSION SELECTOR. I can not see any session except the last one unless I use this application. Maybe Nero has something similar. You can not overwrite or change a CDR so your files are still there.

  DieSse 00:34 12 May 2003

Have a read here click here and see if you can think what you may have done differently the last time.

  DieSse 00:42 12 May 2003

This is good too click here

  billyliv 18:16 12 May 2003

Hi, Just to keep the thread going. It is physically impossible to overwrite anything that has already been written onto CD-R. (CD-Rs do not have the melting capabilities of CD/RWs) You can write to them until the space is used. Then that is it. Finito. Cheers, Bill

  Amethyst75 18:56 12 May 2003

Just to say thanx for all your help (especially DieSse and 1911). Nero had blanked out all the sessions but the last one like 1911 said Doh! So iv got all my 'missing' files back where they should be :o) Ta.

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