re- virtual memory help

  Artylady 13:37 17 Aug 2003

Just had a message that my virtual memory is low and something about a paging file, also some things will maybe denied.
Its not long since l had memory put in to bring it upto 256 and since then have only installed Photoshop Elements and a few pictures.
Am no a great expert but is there anyhing l can do as with being disbled cannot take pc in to a shop and they charge me the earth to come out.

  Madronwell 13:57 17 Aug 2003

I have had this problem too.
Goto control panel, performance & maintenance, system, click on advanced, then settings, click on advanced, down the bottom is a box re virtual memory. Click in change and amend the initial and maximum to 512 and set it. This is what I have done and I haven't had any probs as yet.
I have posted the link to a previous thread for your info. Take care

click here

  Artylady 14:29 17 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot, going to try it now,

  Artylady 14:55 17 Aug 2003

Followed what you said about increasing to 512 in each box but pc crashed then got a message from aol saying a serious eror has accured and a report would be sent to microsoft so then microsoft screen came on saying that it was a driver problem.
Wonderd if that happened at all to you.
Yesterday l downloaded all the updates that l needed and it said that my drivers were ok.

Also could you help as you have XP like me with the start up as have a lot loading at the same time, l need to reduce it but couldn't seem to get to the screen to do it,

  seedie 14:59 17 Aug 2003

It is inevitable that peple who repair PCs are going to get the odd one with the user password in the BIOS set. How do they get round this if they can't contact the owner?


  seedie 15:00 17 Aug 2003

sorry. Thought I'd got to new thread bit.

  DieSse 15:01 17 Aug 2003

Go to Run - and type msconfig - you will get the usual window which has the list of start-up programs loading.

If you've got a lot in there, that's likely to be the cause of your virtual memory problems - you shouldn't normally need to touch the standard settings.

  Artylady 15:09 17 Aug 2003

Jut been to the start up menu screen and l have 13 some that have been deleted progranms.
is it ok to disable all or do l keep some like the aol one, sorry to be so dim but with it crashing when altering the virtual memory file, thought l had better ask first,

  DieSse 15:30 17 Aug 2003

No it's not OK to disable them all. You should only disable the ones you don't want to load.

Unhappily it's difficult to help much on that, without knowing what you've got in there and what you do want to run on start up.

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