Re-usng DVD-RW

  kerses 16:20 06 Apr 2008

Trying to write to a used DVD-RW disk but says Read Only and wont cooperate at all. Tried with several disks mostly Sony. Should I reformat or something tho shouldnt be necessary.

  sunny staines 16:24 06 Apr 2008

reformat the rw disc and try again.

  kindly 16:39 06 Apr 2008

Check the drive is working by trying a different type of disc. If its still not working try to uninstall the drive then restart the computer and windows will put the drivers back in. This might be ok because mine did this a while ago. It started work ok but shortly after the drive give up the ghost So that might be the problem.

  tullie 16:43 06 Apr 2008

Of course you format it,if you want to wipe it,otherwise no need

  eedcam 18:21 06 Apr 2008

whats on the disc you should only need to erase it even a quick erase should suffice.
You could try Imgburn Its free click here
install it then click on discovery .This will give all the details about the disc then >Tools >drive >erase it will tell you if you need to do a full erase if not quick erase will suffice

  kerses 20:22 09 Apr 2008

Many thanks to all for the responses. Have tried each but no luck until I downloaded Imgburn which did the trick. All ok now.

  eedcam 22:27 09 Apr 2008

Glad you are sorted dont forget to tick resolved

  woodchip 23:27 09 Apr 2008

You cannot just delete files on a DVD-RW disc, you can only delete them if Packet writing software was used to format the disc. Open nero with the disc in the drive and go to Menu choose Erase disc

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