Re upload pages off centre

  holligan 22:32 13 Jan 2004

When i have changed pages

i upload again

and they are not were they were on the page

ie. too far over or down below when should be at the side

Had this trouble a lot, i have to keep uploading till its right, it takes hours !!!

i sometimes delete page then start again but then i add something else , it go`s again.

net fusion mx

Is there a book you can get that tells you about it as i have no printer and cant read the screen for hours PS IT TAKES DAYS TO ENTER MY HEAD HAHA

  Forum Editor 22:50 13 Jan 2004

that your problem may be related to tables. I'm not sure, because you haven't posted a link, but if you do, one of us will take a look at the code.

First-time web designers sometimes go almost mad trying to understand why an alteration in one place can make other page content jump around all over the place - and it's all related to tables.

Post a link would you?

  holligan 23:18 13 Jan 2004

I dont no what you mean i only touch a few buttons
never heard of tables

click here

its on contact page last one (not 2 bad now )ive been keeping doing it and deleteing

it was on more but there ok now. but if i put out else it goes again

i have had this troulbe for months

  holligan 23:31 13 Jan 2004

cant do links right

  IClaudio 23:56 13 Jan 2004

In 'Page' view, look at the Layout Properties palette (you do have the Palette displayed, don't you?) - if you select the first tab on the palette ('General'), you'll see a radio button at the bottom marked 'Center in Browser'. Click on this and that should do it.

If you have more trouble, this is from the FuseDocs site, which you should be able to access by pressing the 'Online' button from NetObjects...

>>Why does my page not center correctly?


Some versions of Fusion have a minor bug when using the "center in browser" radio button on the layout properties palette. Rather than simply adding a <center> tag to the HTML it also causes the positioning table HTML to be generated in a slightly different way. This may cause some pages with a particular object positioning to render slightly off center. There are 2 possible workarounds.

1. select the layout (F9) and click the "HTML" button on the properties palette. Select the "beginning of body" tab and type


into the lower window and click OK. (You can also do this for multiple pages by selecting the masterborder rather than the layout)


2. Place all objects on the page inside a text box sized to the layout or inside a layout region sized to the layout

  holligan 00:07 14 Jan 2004

i like pictures to follow. i dont press centre in browser never noticed it .i will print out and try to follow it cheers

  frodge 00:27 14 Jan 2004

holligan, have you downloaded the "users manual"? Big download but worth it. I then printed it for easy reading. Get from here,

click here - included

Sorry you will have to copy and paste into into browser, can't get the link to work for some reason!

Takes a bit of time printing it but better than the books I have seen and a lot cheaper!

  frodge 00:28 14 Jan 2004

Forget the last bit about copying and pasting

  IClaudio 00:41 14 Jan 2004

Holligan, if you like pictures, try this one

click here

forgive the convoluted address, but I'm just working on a site and it's quicker to put the picture up there!

Incidentally, you could try taking some of the apostrophes out of your site (I'm a bit of a pedant...) such as the 'photo's' banner. And why have the Amazon ads on some pages and not others?

Good luck

  holligan 08:38 14 Jan 2004

i have no printer

youve lost me (bit of a pedant...)) whats that mean? haha apostrophes ? what are they commas ?

iam no english teacher haha

  IClaudio 09:45 14 Jan 2004

Doesn't matter - when you open the manual, it'll start up in Adobe Acrobat Reader so that you can read it on-screen. That's not ideal, but if you click on the little Binoculars icon, you can search the manual for words or phrases (remembering with the current problem that Americans spell 'centre' differently, probably more logically, but not as quaintly!).

This ' is an apostrophe... (the key for it is on the @ key)

'pedant' = bore ;)


PS: was the picture any use?

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