Re-sizing photo file sizes for web site

  diamondlil 18:33 10 Jun 2008

I'm having my first website designed but uploading the images is down to me. I have images of the things I stock on CD roms from my suppliers but the file sizes are too large to use 500KB plus. Is there a way to change these file sizes or do I have to take photographs myself in a smaller size.

Thanks for any advice.

  brundle 18:34 10 Jun 2008

Copy them to your HD, batch resize them with Irfanview click here

  anchor 10:38 12 Jun 2008

This claims to be a free simple batch re-sizer for jpg`s.

click here

  Kemistri 15:23 12 Jun 2008

I'd be interested to know why your website designer is leaving the image uploads to you, unless he has put a CMS into place. I wouldn't dream of leaving a client to do something that is not their responsibility.

  diamondlil 12:26 13 Jun 2008

Thanks for the quick responses. Going to try your suggestions and see what happens.

Kemistri - the website design package is a "self-build" idea and imagage resizing/uploads They were available as an "extra". I thought I could manage it myself but I'll have to wait and see. By the way, what is CMS?!

Thanks again all.

  Kemistri 15:26 13 Jun 2008

Content Management System. It's what we designers sometimes put in place to allow clients to update content without touching (and potentially messing up) the technical markup.

  Arnie 16:59 13 Jun 2008

This may be of use to you.

I use it for compressing pictures to be sent by e-mail.

click here

  Arnie 17:02 13 Jun 2008

"for compressing"

Sorry. For resizing.

  Kemistri 20:47 13 Jun 2008

The Image Resizer is unsuitable for use in website content management because it does not provide any control over JPEG compression. This is a variable that should always be optimised for web use and has to be carefully controlled for best results. Images that are intended for use in websites should be managed by a proper image editor such as the GIMP,, PSP, PhotoImpact, Photoshop, etc.

  woodchip 22:44 13 Jun 2008

Most Images on the Net Use Gif format click here

  Kemistri 22:58 13 Jun 2008

"Most Images on the net use Gif format"

What makes you think that, woodchip? Anything that needs a large palette will be a JPEG (obviously) and it is increasingly commonplace to see anything graphical rendered in PNG now that it is properly supported across platforms. I stopped using GIFs in my projects quite some time ago.

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