Re-setting colour quality

  Simmpy 08:40 19 Sep 2003

I have a Philips TFT 170B4 monitor and an Evesham 2600 PC

I recently loaded a game and was asked to change the colour quality from Highest (32 bit) to Medium (16 bit). I followed this and yes my PC was showing 32 bit.

After playing the game I decided to restore the set up to 32 bit.

However when I reset it and either apply or click OK the screen goes blank for a second and it defaults to 16 bit, whatever I do it now seems impossible to restore to 32 bit?

Help please

  -pops- 08:53 19 Sep 2003

Is it a problem for you in using 16 bit colour?

Many people are unable to discern between the two.

If you find it OK at the 16 bit setting, probably best to leave it. The more you fiddle with it, the more likely it will go wrong.

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