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  CHAIRLEG 05:10 16 Apr 2004

GANDALF Could you help please.I downloaded the dial stopper software but i am at a loss what to do in the box In security do i enter a password
and what do i do with hot key.When i start up on internet nothing comes up and i have to close the software before i can get on the internet

  byfordr 09:55 16 Apr 2004

Are you refering to the German dialer stopper?
click here


  ventanas 10:00 16 Apr 2004

Assuming this is Dialer Control, there is no need to do anything. Just install it and and connect to the internet. It will announce the number it is dialling. If this is correct just check to permit always and you won't be bothered again. Unless your machine tries do dial another number. There is no specific need to enter a password.

  CHAIRLEG 10:45 16 Apr 2004

It is the german one.when i click aol nothing happens then ihave to right click on icon and close dial stopper.Then when i click aol the password window comes up and all ok.Ihave only had computor for 3 weeks and no nowt about them so am probably doing someyhing wrong

  ventanas 10:59 16 Apr 2004

Could be that it has a problem with AOL, I don't know. Never used it and never will.

One thing you can check. I assume it's the yellow Dialer Control icon in the tray that you mean. It doesn't have a red cross on it does it. if it does it is not active. Also make sure that you havn't put the number in the blocked section of Dialer Control.

Also does the AOL dial up give any messages, or does it just fail to dial.

  CHAIRLEG 11:14 16 Apr 2004

When i try to get on internet theicon is active i have to close it before i can get on the internet
What do you mean about the number

  ventanas 11:22 16 Apr 2004

Bit Difficult because I don't use it here at work, but I recall when you open DC there are two buttons towards the top for permitted and blocked numbers. Click the appropriate one and look. You cannot enter numbers in these boxes. They will appear there depending on what you have earlier instruced the program to do.

If no luck I would remove it and reinstall and start again.

  CHAIRLEG 12:14 16 Apr 2004

In window if i click deny a window comes up with software at the top .the same window appears for allow.would it still work ok if i closed it to get on internet and enabled again till the next time.its enabled now and causing no trouble.

  ventanas 12:22 16 Apr 2004

Are they both empty? If so then I would remove and start again.

  CHAIRLEG 12:48 16 Apr 2004

I thank you all for your help and iwill do that.
i've only been signed on a few days, but reading questions and answers i am picking up lots of tips.
Thanks again.CHAIRLEG.

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